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By now, you probably realize that Postcard-O-Matic can help you EXPLODE the sales for your existing product, service or program. But what we haven't revealed yet is that you can generate a significant income simply by sharing POM with others. Think about your existing downline, colleagues or customers... wouldn't they love to get their hands on a simple system that can put their sales message in front of potentially millions of interested prospects?


Uh Oh... Don't have a downline or know anybody you can share this with?


No problem. Simply plug into our powerful marketing system that provides proven ads, tools and resources and begin taking your business and income to the next level.

So what's all this going to cost... and how do YOU make money? Thought you'd never ask. Postcard-O-Matic is a one-time cost of only $149.95.

Even in a down economy, anyone who's the least bit serious about building a solid income from home can afford $149.95. Especially when you begin to realize the incredible income potential available with Postcard-O-Matic. Speaking of income potential, in order to maximize your earnings, we use the very powerful Reverse 2-up Compensation Plan. This allows you to earn $100 on every sale over and over again to infinity. Watch the video below for a complete understanding of how this plan works.

Press Play on the video or audio when ready

As you can see, with Postcard-O-Matic, YOU get paid first. So, when you make your very first sale, you will immediately receive 100% of what you paid your sponsor ($100)! And once qualified, youíll earn $100 on every sale you make to infinity. Plus, with the ultra powerful feature of Vertical Acceleration, everyone that lands on your pay-line, whether you referred them or not, PAYS YOU $100!


Remember above when we said, no downline, no problem, consider this for a moment... If everyone who joins your business makes only 4 sales within a week, you would earn $3,000 in just 4 weeks!


Let's see what happens if everyone on your team continues to make 4 sales per week...



When it comes to the money, here are 3 incredible facts. With Postcard-O-Matic, you will:


Break even with one referral. You get the $100 back instantly with your first person.

Get paid instantly! All members pay each other direct, there is no going through the company.

Quickly start earning a compounding income via the reverse 2 up compensation plan.


By now, we'll bet your wallet is starting to do cartwheels in your pocket! See, it knows that $100 Bills taste divine, and itís ready to EAT!


Keep reading and see how POM's marketing strategy can help you stuff your wallet so full, it canít possibly fit another bill.